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by | Nov 1, 2016 | Community Commerce

Kirt Mosley of Kirt Mosley Interiors is driven by passion,  a passion to serve his clients, a passion to keep his work local, and a passion for younger generations in hopes of helping them see professional success. The interior designer is a veteran of the furniture business and uses that experience to work toward bringing happiness into homes and offices across the River Valley — his home since he was a young boy. “I’m a Russellville native,” Kirt said. “We were the owners of Home Furniture, and my grandfather started it with my dad and his sister in the 50s.”
As a teenager, Kirt worked delivery trucks and the sales floor at Home Furniture until he had the opportunity to branch into his own freelance interior design business, known today as Kirt Mosley Interiors. “This started at such a young age,” said Kirt.
While working at Home Furniture, Kirt had more than one opportunity to design various displays within the store itself. He even took part in designing client requested pieces, often staying late to make sure the product was prepared according to the customer’s wishes for delivery the next day. Prior to his professional experience, Kirt was rearranging book cases and breathing life into friend’s apartments. All of his experience, though, was fueled by a core desire to design. And the skill, Kirt said, isn’t something that can be taught. “Decorating is my passion,” he began. “It’s not learned. It’s not trained. It’s something you’re born with, something you’re blessed with. And if you have the knack, you need to pursue it.”
Kirt’s passion has taken him all through Arkansas and into parts of Missouri. His signature also lingers in homes and offices through Florida and Colorado. All of his work, though, has some sort of Russellville root, a sort of connection to home. Supporting his home, economically and creatively, is a personal passion of his and he doesn’t want to waste an opportunity to pass on that kind of understanding to others. Not only is Kirt an advocate of supporting the art of interior design, but he wishes to continue working with younger generations getting into the industry as well. His family, which has a long history of employing Arkansas Tech University students, has instilled that sense of leadership within him.  “I really praise my father because he gave me the opportunity to pursue something as a young man that wouldn’t have been possible for so many people,” Kirt said, a few tears welling in his eyes. “I was lucky enough to have the support and the financial aspect behind me to start that career. His approval and compliments were better than anybody’s when I would get through with something.”
Today, Kirt’s projects take the praise of more than his family.  “My reward is when I see the customer smile, when they’re so thrilled with the outcome.”
That outcome is usually the end goal of a months-long project by Kirt, electricians, framers, and his assistant, Brad Ward. Comprising almost half of the business, Kirt said his business partner has been a necessary addition to the team and the growth the business is experiencing. “This year has been a big challenge for me because I’ve spent the year in some big projects,” Kirt said.
From Conway to Russellville, extensive projects and continued growth have made Kirt wonder whether or not he’ll return back to a physical location surrounded by furniture instead of freelancing out of his home. “A furniture store is always in the back of my mind,” Kirt said. “But there’s a lot of time that goes into a retail establishment.”
That commitment of time away from his true passion of interior design is one reason why Kirt will remain a freelancer. But the idea, as well as fond memories of his father and grandfather, will always keep the dream alive. “I do have bigger dreams,” Kirt said. “Always have, always will.”

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