Taste those Memories

by | Nov 1, 2016 | Valley Vittles

MARY’S KITCHEN  |  427 East 4th Street, Russellville

Granny’s kitchen…
Let those warm words roll off of your tongue and savor the buttery memories. The sounds and smells and emotions embraced in those four syllables are the essence of our holiday season here in the most bountiful land on Earth. Just the scent of sage triggers recollections of full plates, full bellies and laughing cousins.
Finding this quintessence outside of Granny’s home is difficult. It’s often packaging for so many chains out there trying to sell you real “home cooking,” but they’re selling an idea without authenticity. Real home cooking comes from a place deeper than marketing campaigns. It comes from the heart.
Mary’s Kitchen in Russellville has that authenticity by the bowl full.
Many recipes crafted and cooked to perfection at Mary’s Kitchen come from a cookbook that owner Mary Gasaway won at age 10. These are recipes she used to feed her rural Yell County family. Others come from the kitchen of her own grandmother. This isn’t commercial “home cooking.” This is the good stuff, made from scratch and with fresh ingredients (local when available), just like you had from your granny’s kitchen.
We had the chicken and dressing, creamy corn salad, sweet potato, bacon-kissed fresh green beans, from-scratch crescent roll, and a dreamy afternoon of memories on the side.  If for some unfortunate reason you can’t be in your favorite place for the holiday season, Mary’s Kitchen is as fine a substitute as you’ll find in the River Valley. 

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