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by | May 1, 2017 | Community Commerce

Springtime: the time of year when lawnmowers are awakened and the low drone cuts through the pollen-filled air. This is a busy time of year for lawn care businesses such as Russellville Lawn and Landscape. Being in business for 15 years, Russellville Lawn and Landscape not only produces quality work, but also cultivates personal relationships with it customers in the River Valley.
“We’ve had customers that have been with me the whole time. It’s all about the customer service. That is what makes us different from the next guy,” Kyle Lamberson said.
Kyle, a Russellville native and family man, bought an existing lawn care business back in 2002 and later bought Green Lawn of Arkansas in 2005. Initially the lawn care company only had four employees and ran out of a small shop. Since then, the business has expanded to a larger location and employs twenty people. “I’ve got some real good guys that work for me,” Kyle said. “We have safety meetings, a company cookout each year and an employee of the year to build some pride and things like that.”
Russellville Lawn and Landscape provides both residential and commercial lawn care and landscaping services. The list of services they provide to River Valley residents is almost limitless.  “We do everything from pressure washing to pulling weeds and even pull dead shrubs and put new ones in,” said Kyle.
Services also include installation of sprinkler systems, laying dirt and sod, as well as design work with flowerbeds. Green Lawn of Arkansas mainly provides chemical fertilization and weed control services.
As the days become warmer, Russellville Lawn and Landscape employees get ahead by prepping customers’ lawn for the hot summer months. “We try to keep the commercial properties looking nice,” Kyle said. “Planting flowers in the spring and the fall, if a tree dies or needs to be replaced we will replace anything really. Right now we are going around hooking up sprinkler systems and getting them ready to go.”
Recent commercial projects for the company included landscaping work at the Russellville High School. “At the high school we planted 60 something trees, placed sod and installed an irrigation system,” Kyle said. “We do all sizes of projects, little to big, whatever people need.” The company’s next big project is the new Russellville Aquatic Center.
But things don’t slow up much during the winter months for Russellville Lawn and Landscaping. Kyle finds ways to keep his staff busy during the cooler months. “In the winter we do Christmas lights for both commercial and residential customers,” Kyle said. “We have people who we’ve hung lights for the past 15 years. It keeps four or five guys busy until we take them down. In January and February we are trimming trees and crepe myrtles, pruning and raking leaves. So we stay busy year round.”
For Kyle, growing the business has all been about patience.  “I try to grow the company slow and not get ahead of myself,” Kyle said. “If I see a need we try to expand. We grow with the business. We’ll add a truck and add a crew where we need it.”
Through the years Russellville Lawn and Landscape has bloomed to now include a greenhouse on the property and had readily available retail for the DIY customers that stop by. “We have four colors of mulch; we’ve got two sizes of river rock; compost, trees and shrubs; pallets of all kinds of stone and we sell sod,” Kyle said.  “Not only does that help me grab something that I need for a job, but people can come here and can take advantage of it if they don’t need a whole dump truck of dirt. They can bring their truck here and we can give them one scoop. Everything here in the yard is what I use on the job and we make it available for whomever.”
Kyle’s favorite aspect about the job is seeing the finished product. “Just to see the work you’re doing and seeing the improvement that it makes,” Kyle said. “You take a brand new house that has dirt around it and make it pretty. You bring in the green grass and the shrubs, you complete the project. I’ve always been that way, from mowing a yard to whatever I’m doing, you see the benefit of it. I guess I come by that by the way my parents raised me, taking pride in your work. I try to pass that on to my guys.”

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