Gotta have a Whatta

by | May 1, 2017 | Valley Vittles

Across the state, Feltner’s Whatta-Burger needs no introduction. No preamble is necessary.
If you’ve eaten a Whatta-Burger loaded down with all the extras and a side of onion rings or fries, you know there is nothing comparable. If you’ve never had one, there is no analogy. It tastes nothing like McDonalds or Burger King. It’s not the chain Whataburger founded in Texas. Our Whatta-Burger is an icon known far and wide as a “must eat ” restaurant anytime anyone is within a 30-mile radius of its Arkansas Tech University inspired green and gold sign. There is no telling how many ATU alumni worked their way through college writing orders on those white paper bags or flipping tasty, flavor-bursting burgers.
And there is no telling how many Whatta-Cheeseburgers have been devoured over the years by both River Valley residents and hungry travelers. With three sizes to choose from — a single patty and slice of cheese, a double-meat double-cheese, and even a triple-meat triple-cheese— the Whatta-Cheeseburger can satisfy any appetite. Order a large chocolate milkshake to wash it down.
If you gotta have a burger in the River Valley, it’s gotta be a Whatta-Burger. 

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