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by | May 1, 2017 | Every Day Life

Warmer temperatures and clear skies always prompt a more adventurous spirit in most folks. One fine Saturday afternoon in May, my friend Crissy called me and asked if I wanted to go with her to test drive a car she was thinking about buying. I happily agreed. Along the way to the dealership she told me about the car she wanted to buy and all its fancy features. She was most excited about the Bluetooth and wireless features the car boasted along with all sorts of bells and whistles I would never know how to use.
We arrived at the dealership in the middle of the afternoon and were immediately besieged by salesmen and their glossy-teeth smiles. My friend explained the reason for our visit and requested to test drive the car she had her sights set on. A salesman stepped forward and introduced himself then went about getting the keys to the car. A few minutes later, Crissy was handed the keys.
She was so excited as we approached the vehicle. She looked at the car from all directions before she even unlocked the car doors.  “Are you going to let us sit in it too or just look at it all day?” I teased my friend. “Oh! Sorry I forgot to unlock the doors! I’m so excited!”
She clicked a button on the key fob and the I heard the doors unlock. We both hopped inside and starting perusing through all of the car’s features. She ran her hands over all of the buttons and knobs on the dash, skimming her fingers across some that she was impressed with.
Crissy was so caught up with admiring the interior of the car that she hadn’t even thought to actually start it. I watched her with a grin while she touched all the buttons on the steering wheel. I picked up the key fob she had thrown into the cup holder, and leaned over to put the key in the ignition. Just as I heard the engine start, I saw my earring fall and watched as it slid down into a small console beneath the fancy dashboard of lights and knobs.
“Oh no! My earring!” I opened the console and couldn’t see it. I tried reaching my hand down in the tiny compartment, but it wouldn’t fit.
“Oh well, I’ll get it out after we test drive the car. Don’t let me forget it!” I said. My friend assured me she would not let me forget, and she excitedly pulled the car out of the parking lot.
We had a fantastic time zooming around in the car! Crissy seemed to know how every knob and button functioned and was eager to try them all. We took the car on the highway, around tight curves and made sudden stops, trying out every safety feature as well. She turned back on the road and started heading toward the dealership.
As we turned into the parking lot of the car dealership, she reminded me of my lost earring. “Thank for reminding me! I had already forgotten!”
I opened the small console and fished around for my earring. I thought I felt the post but just couldn’t get a good hold on it. “Drat! I can’t seem to get it. Can you turn the flashlight on your phone on and shine it in here?” I asked.
Crissy did as I asked and I spotted the earring. But I still couldn’t get my hand down in the narrow compartment.  “What is this space for anyway? Why would you want to put anything down in here if you can’t get it out?” I exclaimed.
“I’m not sure, I’ll check the owner’s manual. I’m definitely buying this car!” My friend said excitedly.
With one last bit of determination I shoved my hand down into the console. I instantly felt the hooked post of my earring and grabbed it between my two fingers.  “I got it!” I said, and tried to retract my hand. It wouldn’t budge. I pulled again, even harder, and still couldn’t get it out.
“Umm… Crissy, we have a problem.” She glanced down at my hand, squished into the tiny compartment.
“Oh no… I’ll go ask the salesman for help!” She hopped out of the car before I could beg her not to.
“Surely I can get this out!” I said to myself. I tugged on my hand several times, to no avail. Crissy and the salesman walked back over the car.
She opened the driver’s side door.
“See?” She said, in a tone that implied he hadn’t believed her. The salesmen looked at me, then my hand, then back to me.
“Hmm… I’ve never had this happen before. Let me go check with the service department and see if I can find something to slip that right out of there!” I looked down at the floor mats with a red face.
He returned just moments later with some sort of oily substance, applied a bit to the sides of my hand that weren’t jammed into the most inconvenient console ever. I pulled back on my arm one more time and my hand easily slid free.
“Thank goodness!!” I said with relief. I looked at my new newly liberated hand and at my earring, still clutched in between my fingers and jumped out of the car quickly before I could embarrass myself further.
Crissy and I started walking towards the front door of the dealership, for her to complete her paperwork for purchasing the vehicle.
I turned to the salesman, “By the way, what is that console for? It seems terribly narrow!” I said, looking down at my hand, which was still bearing red marks from being squished into the compartment.
“It’s for sunglasses!” He said.
“Ohhhhhh…” Crissy and I said in unison.

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