Attitude is a Choice. So is Bullying.

by | Sep 1, 2017 | On a Personal Note

Guest written by Coach David Verdu
Bullying is defined as an attitude, aggressive behavior forcibly imposed on another person. Good definition, however what one person calls bullying another person says is “just playing.” I think what we fail to see is what is behind the action — the attitude. Are we really looking closely and paying attention to what is going on?
An attitude is a decided or chosen behavior. You choose everyday how you will act — in accordance with appropriate standards, aggressive, passive, angry, emotional, self-serving, anxious, withdrawn or controlled. You have a choice from the beginning of your day whether you will allow the details of the day to take control of you. Attitude is not as much about circumstances that occur but about your response to those things. Therefore, learning to take control of your attitude will dictate your daily actions, positive or negative.
Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry. We would save ourselves a lot of pain and heartache if we follow one simple rule: slow down when we’re angry or hurt and think before we act or speak. Yet, we usually do just the opposite. We’re quick to speak, slow to listen, and swift to become angry. That’s backwards. But if you learn to THINK – be slow to speak and quick to listen – then you’ll find yourself becoming angry less often. How do you slow down and THINK before rushing to anger? Consider these five questions before action or speaking when your hurt or angry.
T: Is it True? Is what I’m about to say true?
H: Is it Helpful? Will this be helpful or hurtful?
I: Is it Inspiring? Does it build up or does it tear down?
N: Is it Necessary? If it’s not necessary don’t say it!
K: Is it Kind? Will it encourage or discourage?
Those of us who are close enough to get involved and make a difference must be willing to do so. The time to act is now.
My hope is that you will be educated and empowered, ready to stand up stand out. Awareness is the first step and continuing to spread the knowledge and teach effective ways to intervene. If you want more information regarding our programs, or about volunteering visit us at: /

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