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by | Mar 1, 2018 | Valley Vittles

Pimento cheese is one of those storied Southern delights ranking right up there with grits and fried chicken. But truth be told, I’ve never been a fan. That’s weird because I’m a big fan of cheese. I like mayonnaise and chili peppers (pimentos are a type of chili pepper), too, and when you add those to cheese — presto — you’ve got pimento cheese.
My memories of pimento cheese go back to the elementary school cafeteria. There was this one kid (I’ll not give a name, but you know who you are) who was always trying to swap his pimento cheese sandwich for something, anything, else. I gave in one day after he sweetened the pot with Doritos, and after one bite I knew I’d been took. That was my last encounter with pimento cheese.
Forty years later, as I scanned the menu of Cypress Valley Meat Company in Pottsville, I came across an item of interest based on that memory: The not-your-mom’s pimento cheese sandwich.
My mom never made pimento cheese sandwiches, but this humble yet spectacular culinary masterpiece from Cypress Valley absolutely smoked that kid’s mom’s pimento cheese. And it’s likely one of the best sandwiches of any kind I’ve ever had.
It’s pimento cheese spread thick on sliced jalapeño corn bread with bacon, lettuce and tomato. Get it with a side of mac and cheese (lordy, the mac and cheese). Take a bite, and if you decide it’s not for you, give me a call.
I’ll swap.

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