Satisfy the urge

by | Apr 1, 2018 | Valley Vittles

What do you do when the carnivorous urges become too powerful to ignore? You crave meat. Poultry and fish? Nah. Hamburger? We’re getting close, but what you really need is a slab of protein with depth. You crave steak. Seasoned, seared, and cooked to perfection with all that earthy essence only red meat can offer.
But it’s not only the tender seasoned beef that calls to you with primal grumbles, it’s also the atmosphere. You don’t want bright lights and fancy menus. You want a cozy and welcoming place with a wooden bar and decades of experience in the kitchen. You want Yesterday’s.
When you step in to Yesterdays looking for that cut to satisfy the beast within, there’s no need to peruse the options. Order the 16-ounce ribeye. It’s coated with an in-house marinade, the perfect compliment for fresh, never frozen and cut in-house angus beef. It’s complex but not complicated, warm but not flaming, with just a kick of fire at the tail. The classic baked potato and side salad with in-house garlic ranch are must haves as well. Buttered Texas toast cuts the opulent flavors and textures while a swig of iced sweet tea cleans the palate for another bite of what might be one of the best steak you’ve ever had.
Repeat as necessary until the plate is empty, and the carnivore within is satisfied.

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