A savory cure for spring fever

by | May 1, 2018 | Valley Vittles

Those warm spring rays and southerly breezes flirt with your sense of adventure. As a fresh greening spreads across the land, an urge to try something new and unique, something beyond the ordinary builds. The longing for thrills after a winter of cabin fever extends even to our hunger.
Sit-down restaurants are nice enough. A diversity of quality eats are widely available in the River Valley from all-American staples to various ethnic varieties and everything in between. But you want to be out there in the fresh air. And you want the food to be just as bright, just as intriguing, just as brilliant as that May sun.
How about a taste of Indonesia with nothing overhead except cottony clouds and blue skies?
Adventurous appetites and outdoor dining urges can be satisfied at Spices food truck. Spices offers Japanese and Indonesian “grandma recipe” grub that’s likely some of the best Asian cuisine you’ve ever put in your mouth.
We had the awesome satay, which exceeded its billing by a mile. Lamb, steak, and chicken skewers grilled and resting on a bed of fried rice. Dip the lamb and beef into Spices Indonesian soy sauce. Then dab a little peanut sauce on that chicken. You’ve never had chicken like this before. And by the way, you won’t be able to eat it all so save at least one skewer of each for later.
It’s the sure cure for your tastebuds’ spring fever.

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