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by | May 1, 2018 | Every Day Life

As Mother’s Day approaches, I notice faux pink flowers, pastel greeting cards, and cheesy quick gifts littering the aisles of nearly ever store. But sometimes another chintzy item is not what a mother needs to be celebrated with. Sometimes she needs to be celebrated with kind words and appreciation. A mother is a person who works tirelessly taking care of her children, kissing boo boos and making lunches, handling tantrums and giving baths, and putting babies to bed with the utmost tenderness and patience. So I interviewed quite a few children, and asked them a lot of different questions about their moms to gain insight into how these kids view their mothers. Some of the answers were quite endearing while others were highly comical. I hope the moms of these great kids enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed talking to their sweet kids.
What is something you hear your mom say all of the time? {Most common answer: Go to bed.}
“Be good!” – Avery, age 4
“That she loves me.” – Jasmine, age 4
“No one is coming over until these dishes get cleaned!” – Tadom, age 14
“Do it yourself.” – Axel, age 13
“I need a nap.” – Sam, age 4
“That she loves me, but that I’m going to put her in the crazy house one of these days for being so wild.” – Rafferty, age 8
“What the… you know the word.” – Taylor, age 13
“Did you put on deodorant?”
– Hayden, age 12
“There are five kids in this house and none of y’all have a single tooth brushed!” – Kristyn, 15
What is something you see your mom doing most of the time? {Most common answer: cleaning.}
“Takes showers.” – Thomas, age 6
“Takes care of our family.” – Rilee, 13
“Doing homework.” – Sam, 4
“Taxes.” – Axel, 13
“Working.” – Rafferty, 8
“Watching scary movies.” – Makenna, 7
“Trying to figure out what to watch on Netflix.” – Tadom, 14
What is something you wish your mom did? {Most common answer: Never made me go to bed.}
“Let me get a snake.” Braden, 6
“Threw parties!” – Rilee, 13
“Got takeout more.” – Axel, 13
“Jump on the trampoline more!” – Rowan, 5
“Homeschool me.” Tadom, 14
“Stop making me pluck her chin hairs.” – Kaylee, 12
How would you describe your mom using just a few words? {Most common answer: Beautiful}
“A girl” – Thomas, 6
“Skinny and white.” – Taylor, 13
“Short.” – Kristyn, 15
“Blonde and cute.” Paxtin, 9
“Crazy.” – Rafferty, 8
“Happy!” – Isobel, 3
“A robot.” Sam, 4
“Black hair, and she wears earrings.” -Brock, 8
Is your mom fun? What kind of fun stuff does she do? {Most common answer: Yes! She plays with me and she’s way more fun than dad.}
“She’s fun, and has white hair!” – Avery, 4
“Yes! When she takes me places without my sister!” – Makenna, 7
“Yes! She dances to my music!” – Rilee, 13
“Lots of fun! We have family game night!” – Brynnan, 9
“Yes! She knows how to twerk!” -Taylor, 13
“Yes. She’s hyper. And takes me on adventures.” – Raff, 8
What is your mom’s favorite food? {Most common answer: Wine.}
“Ice cream.” -Avery, 4
“Broccoli.” – Thomas, 6
“Green smoothies.” Rilee, 13
“Chips and salsa!” – Kristyn, 15
“Anything organic!” – Brynnan, 9
“Probably quinoa.” – Rafferty, 8
“Chocolate broccoli!” – Isobel, 3
“Microwave lasagna” – Brock, 8
What does your mom do to relax? {Most common answer: I don’t know. Maybe sits down?}
“Drinks wine and paints stuff.” – Rafferty, 8
“Takes me to Brown’s Catfish.” – Sam, 4
“Plays with toys.” Avery, 4
“Makes me take a nap and eats broccoli.” – Thomas, 6
“She cooks for us. She loves it.” – Zack, 10
“Looks on Facebook and watches Housewives.” – Brynnan, 9.
“Says she needs a beer and a brothel.”
– Brock, 8
What is something you always see your mom buying at the store? {Most common answer: Groceries}
“Grown up stuff.” – Thomas, 6
“Brooms.” – Makenna, 7
“Cotton candy suckers.” – Rilee, 13
“Girly stuff that she says I’ll learn about some day.” – Braden, 6
“Puppy pads, toilet paper and eyeliner.” – Brock, 8
“Batteries and cat food.” – Rafferty, 8
If you were to buy your mom a gift you think she would love, what would it be? {Most common answer: A necklace.}
“A milkshake.” – Avery, 4
“Bones.” – Thomas, 6
“35 heart shaped chocolates.” – Brynnan, 9
“She doesn’t need anything. I’d just make her a card.” -Hayden, 12
“I’d take her to Disneyland.” – Kristyn, 15
“100 mannequins so she can do their hair.” – Raff, 8
“A real life mermaid.” – Tadom, 14
“Tomato soup.” – Makenna, 7
What does your mom do at her job? What do you think she spends most of her money on? {Most common answer: Makes tons of money, and spends it all on her kids.}
“She’s a teacher. She makes lots of money, way more than daddy, so many monies that she gets to buy all of our food.” – Avery, 4
“She’s in the army. She gets lots of paychecks. I wish she would buy me more Paw Patrol stuff.” -Thomas, 6
“She helps people. She buys lots of dresses.” – Makenna, 7
“She cuts hair. She spends tons of money on me and at markets where there’s fleas. I don’t know why.” – Rafferty, 8
“She works with crazy people who don’t share. She buys me lots of toys.” – Sam, 4
If you had to sell your mom, what do you think she would be worth? {Most common answer: A million dollars.}
“We wouldn’t sell her. She’s really great.” Zack, 10
“40 bucks. Or for some unicorn poop.” Taylor, 13
“1 million diamonds.” – Raff, 8
“100 steaks.” Hayden, 12
“Well she’s not a good cook. So I don’t know how much I could get for her.” Braden, 6
Would you trade your mom for a different mom?
“No!” – Every kid I interviewed.

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