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by | Aug 1, 2018 | Community Commerce

Trinity Home Health of Arkansas is a locally owned and operated Medicare-certified home health agency serving the greater Russellville and Hot Springs areas. Trinity operates within 50 miles of each of these base locations. Tiffany Cowell, Trinity River Valley clinical liaison, says Trinity’s cohesive effort is what sets their services apart. “We work with the patient, family, physician, and our staff and teams here to make sure patients are cared for with a team approach.”
After a decision has been made to access home health care, Trinity staff will come to a patient’s home for for an assessment of all medical conditions and needs. Trinity then works with doctors and patients to set up a plan of care including the services, treatments and equipment needed.
Trinity offers skilled nursing, PT, OT, speech therapy, medical social workers, home health aids, and a fall prevention program. Fall prevention includes a home safety evaluation with Trinity’s rehabilitation team who can also implement a comprehensive treatment plan to improve over all balance. Having all the puzzle pieces in place is what breeds success, says Cowell. “If a patient has their medical needs met but not their financials in order or access to medicine or basic resources the plan will still fail. We make sure we have the resources available to help all our patients and families connect with the everything they might need.” This includes everything from nutrition education to purchasing scales for diabetic patients who need to weigh themselves daily, she adds.
The mission of Trinity Home Health, say Cowell, “is to live out our values of compassion, integrity and excellence by providing quality, efficient, and effective health care and health-related social services in the comfort of a patient’s home.” Trinity focuses on increasing positive inpatient outcomes by encouraging and promoting “dignity, mobility, and independence for individuals in Arkansas.”
Trinity engages in community outreach to help ensure better outcomes for their patients, including initiatives for conditions such as diabetes, COPD, and Congestive Heart Failure. These initiatives bring patients, caregivers, and employees together to meet once a week and create a tailored game plan for each patient. In connection with this, Cowell mentions a service they have recently begun offering to the community as a whole: a free congestive heart failure support group.
Readmission for congestive heart patients is very high, says Cowell. “Fifty precent of all medicare-age patients readmit to a hospital within 30 days.” Half of that number is readmitted due to congestive heart failure. “Trinity Home Health is committed to lowering those statistics throughout our area,” says Cowell. The Congestive Heart Failure Initiative provides extensive education of the disease process, medications, and readmission prevention. This initiative has been highly successful. Cowell says since implementing the program they have shown a 20 percent decrease in readmissions.
The program began in-house for Trinity patients but is now available to anyone in the community who needs it. Each month they cover topics relevant to CHF diagnosis and offer a CHF blog with regularly updated information for patients and caregivers. The group meets every third Tuesday of the month at Trinity Home Health in Russellville from 1-2 p.m. And every second Tuesday of the month at the Senior Activity Center.
Trinity Home Health accepts Medicare, Medicaid and most private insurances. The River Valley branch is located at 1708 W. C Place in Russellville. You can find them online at or by calling 968-4544. You can visit their Facebook page and congestive heart failure blog at Trinity Home Health River Valley. There you can also find a list of upcoming community classes and support groups.

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