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by | Feb 1, 2019 | Community Commerce

Alice Crow, self-contracted through Meraki Hair Studio specializes in everything from Swedish massages to ear candling. Alice’s core goal is to make every client feel comfortable. “I love being able to help others,” Alice says. “I guess kind of my motto has been to treat others the way that you would want to be treated and that’s all I know to do.”

Alice offers various massages like the basic Swedish massage to reduce stress and increase circulation. Specialty massages include: carpal tunnel massage to break down scar tissue in the hands and wrists, reflexology massage to relieve pain in hands and feet, the sports massage to diminish fatigue, and the hot stone massage using heated basalt lava stones to alleviate muscle tension. For deep pain, Alice uses intensive pressure on individual muscles.

Alice also has massage options for expectant mothers including prenatal and post-natal massages designed to be less intensive and more relaxing. An expectant mother should be out of her first trimester, and it’s recommended to consult a doctor before receiving either.

Massage prices vary depending on the type and duration of session.

Alice isn’t just a massage therapist, though. She’s also certified to provide facials — including six types of spa facials — body scrubs and wraps, foot detoxes, scalp rejuvenation, ear candling and paraffin treatments.

The basic spa facial includes exfoliation, moisturization, toning, and scalp rejuvenation. Deluxe spa facials use 12 different steps. “I always look at it as the ultimate hydration service,” Alice says. The options for deluxe spa facials are the 24K gold, the Charcoal Rejuvenation, and the All Natural Organic Facial. Steaming facial and scalp massages and hot mitts are used in each deluxe spa facial. Men’s facials also include scalp and neck massages.

Alice also provides body scrubs that exfoliate dead skin cells and body wraps to pull toxins from the body, offering a choice of herbal or mud wrap. Alice recommends the body wrap after being sick.

Ear candling uses a hollowed-out candle to create a vacuum effect, pulling excess wax and debris out. According to Alice, ear candling can help with hearing. In her experience, clarity of hearing improves and it can also help with sinuses.

Paraffin treatments use paraffin wax for heat therapy and is designed to relieve achy joints. Alice says she typically uses it with the carpal tunnel massage for maximum healing and therapy.

Alice also offers four different packages: An hour and 30-minute “Spa Sampler” including facial, massage, body scrub, hot mitts, aromatherapy, and scalp rejuvenation; the “Relax & Rejuvenate” package with a facial, body scrub and massage with aromatherapy; the “Destress & Detox” package focuses on foot treatment with a facial and Swedish massage; and the “Mommy To Be” package includes a peppermint scalp treatment, basic facial, and an hour of prenatal massage.

Alice’s salon hours are 9 a.m. to 4 p.m on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday through Saturday. “I am more than happy to stay if anyone needs me,” Alice adds.

More information on Alice’s services go to
Meraki Hair Studio is located on 203 Parkway Drive in Suite B.

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