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by | Sep 1, 2019 | Community Commerce

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Rhonda Wolf started out in mental health counseling until she realized that she could make a difference as a masseuse.
“Right from my very first massage, I realized the power of that and helping someone heal emotionally just as much as physically,” she says.
Rhonda also wanted a career that required physical activity, so she went to massage therapy school.
Soon after graduating, she met Dr. Karen Gongola who agreed that there is a connection between mind and body. Since then Rhonda, has been at The Denver Clinic — a primarily counseling facility — since January.
Clientele often consist of the same people visiting with therapists at the clinic.
“The counselors there will sometimes send a client to me when maybe they’re a little stuck in treatment or can’t manage their anxiety,” Rhonda says. “So a massage will help them get their body to relax.”
Sometimes Rhonda will suggest to her clients that, perhaps, one of the resident counselors can help them if problems persist during massage sessions or linger afterward. A different approach can make all the difference.
Rhonda caters to the mind-body connection in massage therapy. She offers craniosacral therapy, a gentle technique that caters to the nervous system rather than the muscles.
“If there are any places that are locked up along your system, it’s going to affect your whole body,” Rhonda explains. “So craniosacral therapy is a way to address those blockages. It also has a strong emotional connection. My practice leads towards this treatment and it is remarkable. In some cases, it’s so remarkable it’s almost miraculous.”
Rhonda is also certified in neuromuscular therapy for muscle injury, the basic spa-type Swedish massage treatment, hot stone massage and cupping. Cupping involves using silicone suction cups to address the muscles and reduce swelling.
She also incorporates essential oils into her therapy sessions to create aromatherapy. “It’s specifically designed to just help someone relax and heal,” Rhonda says.
Rhonda’s understanding of the connection between emotional health and physical health means that’s she’s quick to encourage treatment beyond her expertise. She also encourages her clients to regularly practice self-care.
No matter the price, Rhonda will always consider both the physical and emotional needs of her clients. She’ll also always encourage treatment for anything beyond her expertise and encourages everyone to practice self-care.
“I think any massage therapist is amazing,” Rhonda said. “Anybody who’s going to take the time to help somebody relax and give them that individual attention is a beautiful thing. What I offer through this specialty treatment is a beautiful thing. What I offer through these specialty treatments go beyond relaxation. And I think that does set me apart from other massage therapists.”
The Denver Clinic is located on 1305 East Main Street.

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