Celebrate the deliciousness of diversity

by | Jul 1, 2020 | Valley Vittles

Photo by Liz Chrisman


1307 S Knoxville Ave, Russellville

What is American food? Is there such a thing?

There is, but it’s complicated.

The diverse array of people with roots grounded in varying cultures is the dynamic that contributes to the strength and unique character of this nation. Likewise, it’s the diverse array of flavors — meats and vegetables, spices and seasonings — that contribute to the delectable melting pot of what can be labeled as American food

And the boiling, broiling, sizzling, grilling flavorful genre of American foods has grown ever more flavorful as ethnic dishes found their way onto our tastebuds. Our collective mind soon realizes that this is what we eat, therefore, this is who we are.

So in celebration of Independence Day, why not try a newer (yet, very old) flavor of Americana for lunch or dinner. We suggest La-Tina’s.

Specifically, we suggest the quesadilla loco… or maybe the burrito loco… or you could try the incredible tacos. We devoured them all (and more) and never could decide on the star of the show.

Think Mexican and Salvadoran fare laced with the the subtle seaside nuance of Baja, Acapulco And it’s all served piping hot from one of the most charming food trucks (and families) in the River Valley.

Embrace the scrumptious diversity that is American cuisine. And maybe offer a short prayer of thanks for the blending of cultures that make it all possible. 


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