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by | Jul 1, 2019 | Valley Vittles

Photo by Liz Chrisman

Pizza can be found across the land. There seems to be an outlet in every little town and even in between. For Pete’s sake, you can buy a slice at the gas stations. Because of this ubiquity, and because even bad pizza is still pizza and any pizza by definition is tasty, good pizza is hard to come by.
But in the heart of Pottsville, something different, something delicious, something huge is carving a new channel in the River Valley pizza scene. Appropriately enough, it’s called Arkansas River Pizza.
Arkansas River Pizza funnels the cosmopolitan restaurant experience of its owners into real New York style pizza — without the east coast trip — that simply blows the competition away.
The secret is fresh made-from-scratch dough, fresh chopped veggies, and locally sourced meats from Ferguson’s Packing in Atkins, Petit Jean Meats, and even family farms.
We had the River Monster Pop Pizza — a Leviathan-sized pie measuring 20 inches and loaded with everything in the kitchen including 120 slices of pepperoni. It weighs 11 pounds and is everything a pizza should be and more. Every topping and every seasoning rings out with each bite yet somehow melds together for a pizza experience you won’t forget.
If you and a buddy can eat the entire River Monster in one setting, it’s free. Five and a half pounds of pizza per person seems impossible… until you taste it. And then you’ll wonder if just one River Monster will be enough.

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