Tastes great and less filling

by | Mar 1, 2020 | Valley Vittles

Photo by Liz Chrisman

The Russ Nutrition

(817) 458-6855 | 420 N. Arkansas Ave., Russellville

With spring peeking around the corner, thoughts often turn to shedding the winter pounds we probably starting packing on around Halloween. It’s not just our vanity pushing us toward a lifestyle change. It’s concern for our health as well. Most of us would like to see as many springs as possible, and, though, no one is promised tomorrow, there’s a lot of science that says our days and our calorie intake are inextricably linked.

The options for a lighter lunch are vast — fruit, salads, fruit salads, steamed vegetables, and the list goes on. But, say, you’re craving something with a bit more heft. And maybe even a little decadence.

If you’re jonesing for what seems the impossible combination of sweet-tooth and hunger satisfaction without feeling stuffed, we know where to go — The Russ Nutrition.

Belly up to the bar and order a meal-replacement shake. Specifically, order the banana nut bread meal-replacement shake. It’s full of protein — tummy gratifying , lean muscle building, energy producing protein. But it’s also full of flavor, so much sweet, banana nut bread flavor that you’d swear the friendly folks at The Russ Nutrition actually baked a loaf and pureed it. It is absolutely that delicious.

The Russ Nutrition offers flavored shakes ranging from peanut butter pancake to Fruity Pebbles to key lime pie and so many others. They also offer aloe drinks that can soothe a stomach and energy infused teas, but those shakes… Tastes great. Less filling. Guilt free. l


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